Airfare Analysis Tool

Stop spending countless hours researching individual fares to and from numerous cities. Use a tool that will allow many options to be entered one time and all options searched at once in mere seconds.

Convenient Web-based Control

Easy to use, web-based, no special software or setup.
Add additional agents, setup clients to view reports,
even build predefined templates.

Simplify Travel Planning

Simplify your search processes with predefined lists, specified carriers and classes of service, set arrival and departure windows, and much more.

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Product Demonstration

Group Analyzer

Group Analyzer performs live air searches against actual carrier inventory and allows you to:

  • Compare the lowest available airfares from multiple airports to multiple destinations.
  • Compare the lowest available airfares from multiple origins to a meeting city.
  • Useful for creating airfare budgets, choosing meeting locations, or creating client reports.
  • Compare the lowest available airfares for various advance purchase and Saturday stay scenarios.

Using Group Analyzer's powerful search functionality you can run large batches of air searches at one time. Each search is configured to return the lowest available airfares:

  • from multiple departures
  • to multiple destinations
  • under various advance purchase scenarios
  • (walk-up, 7-day advance, 14-day advance, etc) or specific dates
  • with whatever restrictions are required (number of stops, carriers, class of service)

The Group Analyzer search can be configured to use various GDS's and has customizable currency options. Group Analyzer selects the lowest of these fares and stores it, along with pertinent information in a database.

Airfares are the most complex and rapidly changing variable in the travel industry. Group Analyzer helps you make sense of relevant airfares in a way that has not been possible before.